Refreshing tri-tonic lotion
Refreshing tri-tonic lotion


Refreshing tri-tonic lotion

This tri-tonic face lotion is suitable for all skin types. It smoothes and tones the face, shrinks the pores and cleanse of any impurities whilst giving luminosity. Daily use will stimulate the renovation of cells.


Why is it different?

It’s specifically formulated avoiding ingredients that could be harmful to certain skin tones.It contains a synergy of 9 active ingredients; formed by vegetable oils, vegetable extracts and actives; and 26 thermal oligoelements.


*See ingredients and ritual of use below.

200 ml. | 20 €

Vegan Product. No harmful chemicals

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Fresh product. Made in Barcelona

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Apply the face tonic using a cotton pad to face, neck and chest after using our make-up remover balm and/or make-up remover cleansing gel.

Thermal spring water (26 oligoelements), flower distillate (rosa damascena), vegetable extracts (witch hazel, cucumber, grapefruit, aloe vera, tara gum), vitamin B5 and glycerol.

The characteristics of our face lotion make it a unique product, just like the unique water of the oldest and purest lake on the planet, Lake Vostok. Located under the surface of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, its water is exceptionally rich in resources and oxygen and is renowned for its purity which helps to highlight beauty.

Refreshing tri-tonic lotion
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