Moisturizing cleansing balm.  Normal or dry skin
Moisturizing cleansing balm.  Normal or dry skin


Moisturizing cleansing balm. Normal or dry skin

This moisturising make-up removing balm for normal or dry skin gets rid of any make-up and impurities making the skin smoother and at the same time giving it the added bonus of tonification, moisturisation, nutrition and exceptional softness.


Why is it different?

It’s specifically formulated avoiding ingredients that could be harmful to certain skin tones. It contains a synergy of 10 active ingredients; formed by vegetable oils, vegetable extracts and actives; and 26 thermal oligoelements.


*See ingredients and ritual of use below.

200 ml. | 19 €

Vegan Product. No harmful chemicals

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Fresh product. Made in Barcelona

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Apply the make-up removing balm using a cotton pad or your fingertip to face, neck and neckline. Then using damp cotton wool or warm water remove residual make-up and impurities.  

Thermal spring water (26 oligoelements), vegetable extracts (aloe vera, oats, cucumber and grapefruit), vegetable oils (sweet almond oil), caprylic/capric triglycerides, vitamins (B5 + E) and glycerol.

The name Murano comes from the most famous and prestigious variety of glass in the world. With regular use of our make-up removing balm your skin will remain as clean and transparent as glass.

Moisturizing cleansing balm.  Normal or dry skin
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