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What's Beauty? Beauty has no colour, nor gender, nor age and it does not belong anywhere. Beauty is an intangible thing, yet it is in each gaze, in each smile and in each skin.

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Somens Experiences

Opinions from customers

"With Oridson, morning puffiness under eyes disappears with the soothing and smoothing the eye cream after using it. The incredibly Byakko cream feels and smells great and helps firm skin on my face"

Christine 45, Boston (USA)

"After using a great mix of Somens products for over a month, I felt my skin really nourished even people could tell about a real change in my skin tone. Emitt serum and Seiren cream gave me back an awesome freshness look!"

Carolina 46, Bogotá (Colombia)

"I loved Seiren cream as it balanced my skin and I could feel it hydrated all day although I have a very dry skin."

Alice 27, Geneva (Switzerland)
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